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domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Difundiendo la filigrana de papel en Chile - Spreading Quilling: Facebook´s workshops (by Pily Núñez)

Beside with my blog "QUILLING CHILE - FILIGRANA EN CHILE" and the group "FILIGRANA EN CHILE"  on Facebook and always within the context of promoting Quilling in spanish-speaking countries, in last months, I have begun a series of workshops on line in Spanish totally free, to the members of the our group Filigrana en Chile who want to learn this technique. The goal is to enthuse and make known this art, on this side of the world.As yet,  I've made ​​3 workshops (2 in Filigrana en Chile and 1 in another group as visiting professor) and I'm starting with a third workshop in my spanish group  “Filigrana en Chile”.The experience has been very successful and rewarding for the participants of the workshops, which have learned the basics of Quilling and they have developed some simple and beautiful quilled cards.
Here are some samples:

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  1. Congratulations, you have been able to do as many workshops. Quilling great, greet


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